The Body of Christ by G. Mosko

What is the Body of Christ? The Body of Christ is the group of believers that work together to further the kingdom of Christ. Everyone HAS to work together. If we don't all do our best and beyond, if we don't all do our part and help others do their part, it will never be what Jesus needs it to be.
Cooperation works hand in hand with obedience. Jesus was obedient when He was a child. While He didn't necessarily listen to His parents at times, He knew what was best because He listened to God through it all. He knew the plan God had for Him and He did His part to help. That's the same in the ministry. Obedience is key. Without obedience, things are left for someone else to complete. It's not okay or just all right to leave something for someone else to do. It doesn't matter if you forgot or you were busy. Jesus battled so many activities but He still managed to do everything without complaining. Did He let His followers figure out how to get fish? No! He did His part and TAUGHT them how. They had to do their part however in completing that task. They had to cooperate and obey the instructions their teacher gave them.
One thing I just have to tell you, things. take. time. I know you get frustrated. I know you get angry at the things you have to do but you shouldn't get worked up. The question is, are you doing your part?

The Love of God by G. Mosko

Have you ever loved something so much, that you couldn't stop thinking about it no matter what? Have you ever saw something at the store that you wanted so badly, you did everything you could to get it? This is like the same thing with God! We want Him so badly in our lives all the time whether it's a bad time or a good time.
The love of God can have many definitions. It could mean The Love for God or The Love by God. The Greek terms for love are theopilia, which means the love or favor of God, and theophilo which means friend of God, originating as and still in the sense of being loved by God. The term agape is another Greek word for love. It stands for the human love we have for God and the human love God has for man.

As well as love having definitions, it also has many attributes that attain to itself. It's caring. His love won't fail you when the world fails you. It's eternal. It doesn't have an end to it. There is a full never ending extent to His Wonderful Love.

Next time when you are feeling down and unloved, just remember that simply put, God Is Love.


The Grace of God by G. Mosko


Divine grace was given to people when Jesus died on the cross. His grace has poured out to earth for YOU. Just like I like to say, it's for everyone. "You" as in whoever reads this, hears this and is living in this world. Everyone is capable of receiving this grace God has bestowed. It's one of the many blessings that we get to wonderfully receive every day and counting.
You might be asking how you can receive that blessing. You might have and most likely still are spending your life in the lowest ditch. The more you sin, the deeper and further you dig away from God. You might have gotten out of that ditch but are still wondering what to do to get that grace. You might still be in the ditch and want to get out but think you can't receive grace because of what you did with your life. I'm going to tell you this little thing that could help you a lot and that is you don't have to do ANYTHING except staying out of that problem in your life and be born again in the kingdom of God.

The definition of "Grace" is this very following: "'Unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification" That's amazing! You don't need to win a contest or get the highest score like everyone else! Throw away the shovel, the pail, the scoop, whatever it is that takes you away from that blessing. Tthrow it out! That's the devil trying to take away your belonging and that just is not right.
The only thing you should question is what are you going to do to stop it?

Not What, But Who by G. Mosko

We all get distracted by what we have or know about to help us. An example could be money. Money can't buy you happiness, no amount of physical or mental entity can keep you happy forever. This is exactly the representation that THINGS can't keep you safe forever. So it doesn't matter what you know because you can't expect it to save you during trouble. It's all right to have things you know to help you in little problems, such as a water bill you need to pay and you have the resources to pay it off, there you go. You can utilize your resource to pay your bill, you solve that issue. However, there may be a time when you get your water bill and you DON'T have the resources to help. Then what happens? Your water shuts off and you come across more and more and more issues.
However, on the other hand of the picture, God is ready to jump in for you to help when you need it. He is your resource. He is the puzzle piece you've always needed. No money can bring about happiness but God's love endures forever. Things cant always keep you safe but Jesus will be your Never-Ending Protector. IF you let Him help you.
It doesn't matter what you know, but it's who you know that makes the difference. Just remember that "physical entities can't always help every catastrophe, but every catastrophe can bring growth spiritually".

Love & Grace by G. Mosko

You've heard of people having certain graces, dancers having graceful talent, and family showing grace. What you don't realize or fail to realize is that Jesus shows the biggest graces of all. It's so big it has its title "the Grace of Jesus". 2 Corinthians 12:9 says this, "But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me." His grace is sufficient for you. notice He said YOU and not ONE PERSON. Whoever reads it will know that there is grace enough to go around for EVERYONE!!

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life" God loved the world. He didn't despise it. We as human beings and Christians say we live by God's standards yet we hate at least one thing in life. Whether it's our president or it's people littering everywhere and ruining the earth, we always come up with an idea of hatred. That's reasonable but it needs to be reasonable for you to quit hating. It's easy to get wrapped up in that idea and it's hard to get unraveled. Your job on earth is many. But one big one is to love as God loved you and the world. I know you can do it. I believe in you as well as Jesus believes in you. It's time to put that ability to the highest.


New Creation by G. Mosko

We've all done terrible things in our life. All of us lie. Some of us steal, do drugs and gamble, not mention all of the other horrible things that could happen. We all trip up. That's okay. What isn't okay, however, is that we continue to do it. People used think to it's fine as long as we repent but that isn't the case. You might say Jesus died so we can be forgiven I could do anything I wanted. NO!!! You can't! That's you being stupid. Let me ask you this if you would kindly listen. You go gamble and lose your money. You think, "oh Jesus will help me" right when you just gambled. You are sinning after sinning. Gambling is a sin! Trespassing a sin is a sin! You can tell because you knew it was a sin but you did it anyway.

One good thing that comes out of this is that hope isn't lost, salvation and freedom aren't lost. Jesus died on the cross so you can be forgiven. You can be forgiven of your trespassing and sinning. Your job is to truly repent and stay away from that evil entity. Think you can do it? Know you can do it. You are a new creation. Created by God.

Filter It Out by G. Mosko


There are days you choose to go to church because you want to. You choose to go to church because you know you need to hear the message, pray to God, etc. Even if you're a helper in the ministry, you still come on a "want" or "needed" basis. It should be MANDATORY basis!! An essential basis! The same goes for reading your Bible or praying at a point in the daytime or nighttime. Telling others about Jesus can be a reason as well. These are all due to your thoughts, people around you as well as your surrounding media you listen to and watch every day.

Your thoughts are governed by what YOU CHOOSE to think. They are powered by you, the media and people you see and meet. You can control your thoughts by making a schedule of rules every day for prayer, and Bible reading. It soon will become a habit instead of a rule. Make a pact that you will get rid of the bad thoughts to make room for good ones.

The people and media you see and watch on a daily basis can trouble you greatly. Their beliefs almost always come up and you are then on the task to not believe those unless you KNOW they're true. You must choose to not give in to temptations you face as well. Again, if you make a rule to make a schedule of praying and reading, it will become a habit of yours.


The Way of Escape by G. Mosko

We all have things in our life we want to get rid of. Addictions, addiction, addictions. We tend to overload our lives with all these items that we often forget to get rid of the negative and keep the positive. Instead of getting rid of the negative, we mostly get rid of the positive. That's why we constantly feel the agony and pain that comes with the territory. The worst thing is, we often don't know why they're present there. It could be because you allowed that evil in your life. It could be because you are going through a rough patch in your life. Whatever the reason, it needs to leave. Jesus didn't have evil in Him and neither should you.

Addictions range from being addicted to drugs to being addicted to being kind. There are good addictions and bad ones. The ones you should keep should be the good ones and the ones you need to filter out in your life are the bad ones. Bad addictions hinder you from praising God, pleasing others and loving yourself. Good addictions keep you from doing wrong, lets you praise and aids you in helping others.

Be Prepared by G. Mosko

Suppose you have a huge vacation planned to another country. I'll use Europe for example. So you live in the United States and you plan a trip in three months to Europe for three days. Your job is to prepare. You have to make sure you don't have big priorities during your planned trip dates, you need to pack, you need to know the customs of that place and you need to have a place to stay. You also need to know the different currency conversions so you have money to spend. Budgeting would help as well with getting there and back. Why do we need all of this? Why Is it necessary? Is it necessary? YES, it most definitely is! Without preparing for your trip, you will feel miserable. You won't have clean clothes because you forget to pack, you can't eat because you forget to budget and bring enough money with you. You don't even look for a hotel to stay in. You see why preparing is important? You won't get anywhere if you don't start somewhere.

The same thing applies to your spiritual life. You need to be on your guard and be prepared for anything the devil throws at you. You need to be equipped with the word by knowing and meditating on the scriptures so you can defeat the enemy when needed. You need to be prepared most importantly for blessings and you need to be prepared for the end days. Jesus is coming soon and we don't know the date, but what we do know that we can be prepared for that time. Accept Him as your Lord, don't stray to the path of defeat and failure. Remembering all this is tricky and you will encounter hard patches on your journey. It's only the beginning and you will get through it!


Seeing Angels by G. Mosko

We all have people who jump at the chance to protect us and show us what we are worth to them. Your parents are one of those people, your boss, your pastor, even your friends. Those people usually stop at nothing to accomplish what they started. Although, at some point, they do stop. They stop being there for you because they are incapable or they have nothing else to give except their love.
Just like everyone has their own person who loves them, everyone has their own guardian angel. Your personal bodyguard who is there for you every step of your life. They never back down or back out. If you need them, they're there for you. When you are being attacked by a fight or the devil is tempting you, that angel is there to aid you in that process. Now, as long as you're willing and thankful, they will continue to help you. That doesn't mean it is okay to jump off cliffs just to be saved by your angel. They don't deal with stupidity. They're superior.
Angels sometimes reveal things to us that were included in a mission God sent for you or a group of people to complete. Say that there is an empty lot by a field and no one owns it. You think it would be cool if you could buy the land and fill it with a store or house. On one night you drive by that lot and have a vision of angels and men building a church in that lot. Sometimes it is your imagination but all of the time you need to seek God and figure out what's best. It could be three months later, and you DID buy the lot and you DID build a church there. All because of the help of your bodyguard. It's a process that takes time and consultation. Just remember that, if you aren't in line with God, you won't see angels.


Fellowship in the Word by G. Mosko


WHERE GOD’S WORD MEETS YOUR WORLD. We all as Christians have a mission. Jesus has a mission. He wants our help to complete it and overdo the task. We spend so much time working and reading and also watching things that go against what is true in the Word of God. We don't stop because we get addicted to whatever is on. We get so addicted that we stop focusing on what is important and we stop advancing in our spiritual walk. Jesus wants us to have fellowship with Him. Not a simple prayer and you eating bread. A genuine talk and sit-through with Him, listening for what He wants to say to you. Not just reading and singing words off of a screen. During your worship time could be such a beneficial time for you and Him. He wants that moment to be special. That moment could be anytime but time is running out and people need to make a choice. You only have one life you know.

Whether or not you "can't" have fellowship or you choose not to because you are too "busy", you need to find the time to have that fellowship with Him no matter what. Push aside a task in your day that isn't very important, stay up later than usual, wake up earlier than usual. Anything that can help develop that devotional and spiritual time with God is something you must do.

Good Good Father by G. Mosko


Over 2000 years ago, God chose to wrap His glory up and also to throw it many places on the earth to do something wonderful. He made us. He made Jesus. He made blessings and miracles. He made life! It was to benefit us and Himself. He was alone and wanted people to be on earth to start a family and live peacefully. Therefore Adam and Eve were made. They lived in the Garden of Eden with their Heavenly Father, God. They didn't sin until Satan tried to deceive them and succeeded with the attempt.

Of course, He didn't want evil in the world and something had to be done. He wanted and still does want us to have a fantastic life here on earth.  Just because we stopped obeying doesn't mean He stopped caring. No matter what you do on earth to disobey, whether you did something intentionally or not, which I hope it is unintentional, He will gladly and quickly forgive you and continue to love you forever and ever!

He decided to make us a home and He decided on the foods and resources to include in His magnificent earth so that we would be safe and healthy and without flaw. He makes sure we get the care we need. He guides us into right and strays us from evil. That's a Good Good Father!!

We are commissioned By G. Mosko

 From when God created the first human beings to when those beings sinned against Him, people from all nations were brought together to help save the earth and bring lives to Christ. Little steps and big steps were executed to further the kingdom of God, the examples could be recalled as preaching in a church or being a missionary, as well as simple instructions that is when God tells you not to do something or to do something. 

We are called to further the kingdom of God for God. To live our life to the fullest is what He wants us to live. He wants people in the world to love Him and follow Him for forever. We are commissioned. That means we are ordered to an important task. Jesus was commissioned to preach and heal, die on the cross, and rise again to prove Himself. We are called to lead just like Jesus so others can experience that very same thing. The lost need our help. Especially your help.  Your story can perhaps save someone's life! That was why they can witness just like you did! 

Faith....Reverse Faith by Gracie Mosko

Most people who've paid attention to sermons know what faith is. For those that don't know, think of it as a big belief system that works in life through the Holy Spirit along with your belief in Christ. You have a part and the Holy Spirit has a part. 

But what's reverse faith? Well, let's break it down. Something that everyone encounters in their life is going in reverse. If they drive? They go in reverse to back up. If they make a mistake in life, they try to reverse themselves by fixing that mist

Reverse faith is basically instead of continuous belief on going forward and keeping that faith, they stop and reverse themselves. This is something we all need to pay attention to. Going in reverse is based on the devil's power. You don't want that. I know I don't. 

Rather, going forward is based on God's power. You will feel like calling it quits but don't! That's the trick Satan is playing on you. Don't fall for it at all. You might have thoughts that say it's ok and you need rest. That's not the right way to go. There are simpler ways that God is more than glad to help you with. 

Don't go in reverse and miss out on your chance before it's too late.

Go forward.


You Don't Have to be in Bondage by G. Mosko

You don't have to be in bondage by what the devil throws at you. Anything that doesn't benefit you or others and makes you fall and fail is anything you are in bondage of, they aren't of God. If you ever find yourself in one of these situations, don't forget to seek out God and He will help you out. He is for you and not against you. He'll never leave. He loves you too much not too. 
IF YOU'RE LOST: A shepherd had his 100 sheep in a field. However, one sheep got lost and he had to leave the 99 to find that one sheep. He took his courage with him while trying to find it. He didn't give up or give in to the fear of knowing that his sheep is hurt or more imaginably injured. He knew God was by his side to help him find it.
IF YOU'RE SCARED: "I will never leave you nor forsake you". Jesus quoted that to show that He will never leave you when you are troubled and you don't know if you'll be able to get out of a mess. What you need to do is be in a space in your life where you know you will never fail and that Jesus is right there with you and for you. Have that courage to stand up and conquer your fear. 


 Being successful is a necessity for people. You may think it's worth nothing in life. Why? Why don't you think it's not worth anything? God wants us to be like Him and the best we can do is be successful just like Him. That's worth a lot! The steps are simple. Believe, pray for guidance, stay on the right path for as long as needed, repeat. Start by applying Joy to your life. Be happy. Get hyped for church, for life, for Jesus. Next, you can apply J-O-Y to your life. Now that you're happy, you can tackle other peoples needs. Don't be selfish, greedy and uncontrolled. The J stands for "Jesus". Praise Him with whatever you do, no matter what happens to you. The O stands for "Others". Pay attention to other peoples needs, not just yourself. No one likes a greedy giver. That's a giver who doesn't give. Finally, the Y stands for "Yourself". Focus on what you need. No, not just what you want. What you need AND want.

God is a huge example of being successful. Take, for example; He developed the world and He developed every single one of us on this planet! He formed all of us in our mother's womb. It's truly magnificent. It is impossible for a human being to do that very same task! Isn't that successful enough for you? I know it is to me. His goal was to build a kingdom and He is well on His way. No one will stop His plan. Not even wars or Satan can destroy or disrupt His plans.

However, the devil can disrupt our plans if we're not careful and obedient. Don't be too anxious or too involved in being successful that you forget who and what really matters. Don't forget God, your Father, and His amazing story.


HONOR by G. Mosko


 We spend so much time disobeying the authority put into place for us. We become rebellious because we want our way, not someone else's. I hate to break it to you, but God doesn't enjoy His children being rebellious. A proof of this fact can be found in Genesis when Adam and Eve took a bite of the fruit on the tree. God told them no. God was their Authority at that moment there-on. They needed to honor His commands and not fail to follow them. However, they soon did fail and they chose to take a bite out of the fruit. God didn't like their rebellion against Him and He cast them out of the Garden of Eden. 

     God doesn't want to punish us. He wants us to live a great life. The only way we can live a great life, however, is if we help out by doing the things that we are supposed to be doing. Listening to the rules God set out for us when He put His plan in place. It wasn't a silly plan put together at a certain time because He wanted to. It was a plan created from the very beginning.

     We need to follow His rules as it's there to protect and guide us. The best that we could do and strive to be is showing honor to our leaders and being honorable people. That's the best kind of person to be.

Salvation by G. Mosko

We all screw up at least once in our lives. It's part of being human. We think we have the problem figured out and then we screw up. We think we are right and we still screw up.  Why? Why can't we always do good? Why can't we always be right in the eyes of the Lord? We can, but we will always have a little thing hindering us. That's satans work. When Adam and Eve sinned, evil entered the world. Over time sin grew bigger and bigger until it had encased everything living and non-living in it. Humans over time grew susceptible to sin and gave in at every possible outlet. They grew to a love of sin enough to never want to leave, or they want to leave their bondage behind but don't know how. I can tell you, today there is a solution for you. You don't have to be in bondage anymore because Jesus had died on the cross for you. We are saved from sin because Jesus died on the cross. The salvation we have through Christ protects us when evil gets planted and rooted in our lives.
  All you must do is believe He is your savior and that you are saved. You need to stay in that belief. You need to ask for forgiveness and keep a habit of avoiding that sin. It is hard. It is. Trust me, I've been through a lot to know. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm dumb. The salvation of Jesus Christ is life changing to your life only if you let it be. He can't come in if you don't let Him in. His salvation can shake you to your very core because it's so powerful! His act was self-less and priceless.

He Is Risen! by G. Mosko

Easter baskets, candy, Easter Bunny, egg hunts. Events in town because the kids gotta find the Easter bunny and get a picture. Oh, And maybe get a free glow stick as well. It's so important that we make our kids happy right?

      Well, yes. It's okay to make them happy, but we leave out what Easter is all about. We go home from Easter breakfast to find eggs across the yard, and hunting to find them. After we do so, we eat the candy inside and go to bed. Wake up the next morning with no mention of that Sunday before! 

     People have this crazy idea that the Easter Bunny came to some kids houses to give eggs with chocolate in them because he's a nice bunny. That's a ridiculous idea to ever think about!! Not to mention impossible. The whole background behind Easter, however, is the idea of Christ's resurrection. 

     Jesus died on the cross, got buried in the tomb, and rose up from the grave back to Earth to go to Heaven. This was how Easter started. Jesus rose from the dead! We need to understand this. Instead of rejoicing of chocolate and bunnies, we need to rejoice of Jesus Christ and His deeds He has done for us. 

     Now, you can have fun on Easter but you can't forget what it's about and you can't forget to rejoice in His resurrection. Jesus is the reason that we have life.


Why do we praise? by G. Mosko

There are many ways to worship. Some people do it openly, some do it secretly. Some do it quietly, some do it loudly. Some people sing, some people dance. Some teach, and some learn. All the people work together to build the kingdom of God. That's our mission as believers and followers. But my question is this, why do you praise? Why do you praise Him? Is it because you have heard stories of breakthroughs and want a breakthrough for yourself? Is it because you have nothing better to do and it's all just a joke secretly to you? Or is it because you truly love Him enough to give Him the glory for being the One and Only God. The One who made you. There is only ever one choice with people, it could be a good choice or a bad choice. Your choice is to choose what is right. There is a story in Mark 11 that tells of Jesus' expedition into Jerusalem. This story shows us an example of people who praise. Here is what the story was all about.
     Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. This was before His death on the cross and resurrection, of course. Some people despised Him because they didn't believe or want the truth. Some believed and worshiped Him as their Lord and Savior, listening to the teachings that would benefit all of the people. As He rode in the city, people who knew Jesus and didn't know Jesus stood in awe that He came. His followers placed their clothes on the ground before Him as well as leaves and branches so He could walk on them. While shouting
"Hosanna! Hosanna! Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord!", they dropped to their knees to commemorate Him for the wondrous works He has done.