Heirs or Hairs

I have a minister friend, Woody Woodson, who tells the story of the first time he took his dad to church with him.  Woody went to a Pentecostal inner city church.  His dad who was saved was an upscale corporate attorney.  Woody was a little apprehensive to take his dad to church with him.  He was concerned that his dad wouldn't understand the moving of the Spirit that took place at every service.  Although he was apprehensive, Woody took his dad to the service.  On the way, Woody prayed that there wouldn't be a move of the Spirit that service.  But God had other plans.  Woody tells the story of a woman he called Sister Chicken Walk who would dance in the Spirit.  Apparently she reminded him of a chicken.  That night Sister Chicken Walk felt led to sit by Woody and his dad.  As you can imagine, the Holy Spirit was moving as usual.  Woody was praying that it would stop but it didn't.  When the Pastor got up to preach, his message was on the "Hairs of God".  That's right, "Hairs of God".  As you see he pronounced "Heirs" as "Hairs".  I hear him now asking the people, "Are you a Hair of God?  Are you one of God's Hairs?"  Even now when I think about Woody telling this story, I crack-up.  Can you imagine how Woody felt bringing his dad to church for the first time. 


Of course, the Pastor was talking about us being heirs of God.  As a heir we have inherited everything that belongs to God.  Everything God has is ours.  It is our inheritance.  Romans 8:17 says "If we are God's children then we are heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ".  This means what Jesus inherited, we inherited because we are joint-heirs with Christ.  We are heirs to the very Kingdom of God.  Whatever has been given to Jesus has been given to us.  We are heirs to the throne of God.  Meditate on that for awhile.  Well, after the service, Woody thought his dad wouldn't set foot in another Pentecostal church let alone his church.  Just the opposite, Woody's dad loved it.  Woody, thinking he would never to back to church with him, discovered that his dad said he wouldn't miss it for anything.  Hairs of God, as he laughed about what he had just experienced.  Not only did Woody's dad go back to church there, he played the organ.  Whether we are Heirs or hairs (by mispronouncing it) of God, we have as inheritance because we the Children of God!