It's Harvest Time!

It is the time of year we call "Harvest Time".  It is a time when we bring in the fruits of our labor.  It is a time of rejoicing for the bounty that has come in.  What I am talking about is all done in the natural.  At harvest time, farmers and their families are reveling in the fruits of their labors.  They are full of excitement for what they have produced.


It should be the same in the Church.  We should be rejoicing over the fruits of our labor.  We should be filled with excitement because of what we have produced for the Kingdom.  This is the time of year we should be looking for the reapers, not creepers.  Jesus said; "The harvest is plenteous, but the laborers (reapers) are few". (Matthew 9:37-38)  Because the harvest is plenteous, we (The Church) should have many reaping the harvest, not just a few.  When Jesus says "The harvest is plenteous", that's what He means. He means there is so much of a blessing ready for us reap.  Notice Jesus said, "Pray the Lord would send laborers into the harvest". 

God is looking for laborers.  Those willing to put in the work to bring in the tremendous harvest of blessing that He has for us.  Many believers want the the blessing, but they don't want to do what's necessary to get blessed.  Farmers in the natural rejoice because of the fruit of their labors.  They have put in time, money, and effort.  Now it's time to reap what they have sown (Galatians 6:7).  The same is true for the Church and Believers.  It's time to rejoice over the fruits of our labors.  It is time for excitement and celebration.  It's Harvest Time!