Today's blog is inspired by a conversation I had with a dear friend early this morning about a situation that they were facing.  As they were telling me about what was happening, I found myself quoting one scripture after another to them.  Some would say people don't want you quoting the Bible to them when they are having problems.  They just want you to be a good friend and listen to them.  I know that there are times when people just want someone to listen to them, but this was not one of those times.  I found myself ministering the Word of God in such a way that I knew it was helping them with the situation they were facing.  I know that what I was sharing was helping them because what I was sharing was also ministering to me.  I often say when I am preaching, I am preaching to myself.  You just get the benefit of hearing me.  Anyway, I recognized the power the Word I was sharing was having because it was ministering to me also.  Romans 10:17 is so true.  Faith does come by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  God's Word is full of life and when we hear it, it ministers LIFE to us.  The Word strengthens us in such a way, its hard to explain.  We just know that we know it does! When faith comes and it does come, the impossible seems possible.  Every doubt, every fear, dissipates because Faith has come and a our hearts are assured by the Word of God.  There isn't anything that can stand in our way or stop us from receiving because we have God's Word on it and we know that we know victory is ours.  So keep in mind, when you are facing a difficult situation and things look impossible, get in the Word and let it build your faith, so that you know that you know.  The victory is yours and you have won!  Then you will be able to do what Ephesians 6 says; "Having done all to stand, stand therefore".