Expecting by G. Mosko

The Bible offers you many promises that God has chosen to give to you. These can range from promises of healing to even promises of forgiveness. You knew of these promises He gave you for a long time and you want them in your life. Just one question for you. Are you expecting those things to occur in your life? As an individual, you need to expect whatever it is you want to receive from God. You should be expecting in order to receive God's mighty power on your behalf. Without expecting, you are not acknowledging that God can do such things.  Believing can be connected with expecting in a way if you think about it. You believe for something and believe you receive it. When you believe for something you EXPECT it to happen. If you don’t expect something then you will not be able to receive? You will be lacking in your life and you won’t receive anything. Expect to receive God’s love in your life. Expect to receive that anointing He has promised you. Expect to receive the healing He has promised. HIS word has promised you all that and more! All you have to do is expect that it will happen.  

So, my questions for you today are these. Are you expecting? What are you expecting?