Take that Joy by G. Mosko

The devil will claw at your door leaving you empty and helpless. You feel depressed and lonely. You tried to push him out but for some reason, he keeps coming back to you. Well, then what do you do? It’s really simple. Just laugh right in his face and command him to leave. Have the joy that you can't retreat from and that the devil will retreat from. Having that mindset of happiness is vitally important. It shows that you are taking a stand against evil. Laughing is the medicine for the calamity in your life. You show that you are not afraid by it. It will leave you because you told it to. It shows that you want to receive what you believe. It shows that others can be happy in their life, teaches them that they can live pain-free as well. It shows the devil that you don’t care about his work. Take the joy that is set for your life and push him out! Don’t neglect the fact that it's there for you! You were given it to use it! Use what God has given you. Your choice is fairly simple for you to make today. Will you take a stand for joy and laugh at Satan? Or will you take it and have nothing to do with it?