Expecting-part 2 by G. Mosko

(1. Expect For The Unsaved To Be Saved): Many people come to church for the first, second, or even hundredth time. Most of these people aren’t even saved. They know Jesus but never accepted Him to be in their lives. Be expecting that Gods spirit will move in their lives so mightily that they can’t refuse to not invite Him in. 

(2. Expect A Provision Of Signs And Wonders): Understanding God more is very important. It helps us learn about His ways and His choices for us. People experiencing these signs and miracles helps to open up their eyes and mind to see Gods will and His marvelous ways. Expect God to move His power over the church by a provision of signs and wonders for others to experience the Holy Spirit.

(3. Expect For Abundant Workers): From teachers, to even the pastor! They are all workers in some way. The teachers and pastors both need the wisdom and courage to fight through the day and instruct people about the good works of Jesus. Abundant resources to teach and prosper. Be expecting that God will move over the church and fill up those empty numbers to provide what those instructors need.

(4. Expect For Continued Utterances Of The Holy Spirit): Speaking in tongues is the evidence of the mighty power of God. Repeating it over and over again helps you to develop that connection with Him. Expect that God will move in the church widespread over everyone’s lives to help them speak over and over again.

(5. Expect Guidance From The Holy Spirit): We are all growing as we learn about Jesus and the promises, miracles, and wonders He has chosen to give us. Sometimes we tend to drift off the path and lose focus of what our purpose is on earth. Sometimes we get stuck and simply stay in one position. Sometimes when we think we are doing the right thing we are doing the wrong thing. I know it happens to me, and I know it happens to you too. It happens to all of us. Expect that God will move over the church and fill everyone with the guidance they need to succeed.