Resist him by G. Mosko

Doubt, temptation, sin, sickness, disease, anxiety, you name it. They all have a couple of things in common. An important thing in common you need to be aware of and constantly on guard is that they are not good from God. Rather, God works day and night to help you in learning how to work at taking it all away. They bury their being inside of your soul, building a negative spirit inside of you, gradually increasing in power to make you stray off the path of faith, righteousness, and good. These all come from one source, you probably guessed it since it’s not from God. Rather, from the enemy.  

I was (still am) guilty of all of these. I mean, everyone is at some point, right? People would tell me how to avoid it all and I would try to apply those principles to my life. I would cave in to pressure at every possible exit I could think of. Nervousness, yes could be. Laziness, maybe so. I would imagine myself living freely and pain-free and never would achieve what I wanted. I am still struggling but everyone who is learning is as well.  These two very specific words came into my head one Sunday morning which was, RESIST HIM!  

Him as in Satan and resist as in command him to leave your body! When sickness, doubt, and temptation come to you go ahead and face the devil boldly, commanding him to leave! He has no business to stay inside of you except big plans to steal, kill, and destroy. Why would you want something like that? I know I wouldn’t! Be bold! Be proud that he can’t come towards you with any of that stuff! It’s something that takes effort and time but is worth it and produces great results. So, don’t be afraid. GO AHEAD, RESIST HIM!