I Am An Overcomer by G. Mosko

You may feel as if you are finished. You want to give up. That is not the way to go! Don't have that mindset of giving up on everything. It doesn't make you happy. In the bible, there are multiple scripture references that remind us that we are all, young and old, overcomers of the enemy. We sometimes fail to remember that a lot of people don't realize what this means. This is why sickness and disease come to take over because they don't know. This surprisingly happens to born-again believers in Christ as well. Yes, as in you, me, and everyone else as well! We usually choose to do what we want to do rather than what we are actually supposed to be doing. 1 John 16:33 says,  "These things have I spoken unto you that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world" . You will experience things you won't want to go through in life, but you have to remember, that those things are just from this world. Jesus is telling us to be happy through whatever happens because he has overcome the world. Old things will pass away and in will come the new things. Things will get better through time if you ask him with happiness in your hearts. Don't come complaining or worrying about what will happen next. He has taken care of your needs before you even had spoken a word. It does seem hard and to some people, impossible. That is totally normal and you will eventually get through it! The enemy will come at you with all he has got. That's when you come into place. If you, at any point don't believe you can do it, just remember, you can overcome anything because God's word says so, and you can believe God's word because you know it's true! Don't stop believing today. Don't stop believing tomorrow. Don't ever stop believing. Most importantly don't forget, WE ARE OVERCOMERS!