Safe Heart by G. Mosko

Everyone has a heart, whether it be physically or spiritually and whether it be good or bad. It’s something that you were created with. On purpose for a purpose.

You! Yes, you. You have a heart. A heart that people admire because it’s on the level with good. God applauds you greatly for that. I do too. I can also say that your Pastor and your friends applaud it as well. You have a hear of good because you were created by good, specifically for good to do good. Jesus’ heart is a heart of protection, love, and great wisdom. It’s important to have that same heart in many ways. It helps people realize what you stand for. It also helps in the world of unbelief that the world contains unbelief and turns it into belief. It alters people’s lives in such a huge impact, they sometimes go from sitting in their home on a Sunday morning complaining about everything that went wrong in a week to sitting in church on a Sunday morning experiencing good. It’s important to remember to keep on doing what you are doing because it benefits the kingdom of God. Helps it grow bigger and bigger! You have an important choice to make here. Have a heart of love, the same as Jesus does, or have a heart of stone. Rock solid with nothing good. Will you have the same heart as Jesus does? Or will you have a heart of stone?