Full Flame by G. Mosko

SEE THE FLAME:  You want to be a person who wants the best in life. You want to get fired up for Jesus but can't seem to get started in that journey. No matter how hard you try, the flame bursts and disappears, you think that Jesus is gone in your life but the truth is, He is still there. 

(It's the same thing with a candle when the flame is gone. The wick which is the supporting foundation burns up and darkens, but it's still there. Hey, you can even light it up again and it may have another flame) 
However, there is one thing you don't realize and it's pretty important. You have to see the flame to know what that flame is. How it works isn't like a Houdini magic act that produces a lot of fans. It's a wonderful thing used to glorify the Lord and it produces many more believers. 

BELIEVE THE FLAME:  You've already seen the flame in other people, now what do you do? Well, there's more to just seeing something to make it true matter-of-fact. We spends hours on end when we aren't working just lying around the house doing nothing! Not even a single thank you to God for creating you as a human!! He could have made you a duck for crying out loud. Look, I'm just saying. Believe you receive that flame. Confess it out of your mouth. 

BE THE FLAME: You have finally found that flame. Now you're ready to live it on out. Go show people that very flame. Yell it on top of the mountains. DON'T FORGET THIS FLAME!!!!!