Compassion by G. Mosko

    Jesus wants you to be happy. He wants others to be happy as well. He wants everyone to be happy. You might not believe that. That's relatable. But you need to believe that. Because guess what? He died for you. For you! You say you are not worth it and don't deserve to have happiness let alone be alive! News flash, He took His life and decided to die to save yours! Why would He do that if He didn't think you were worth it. You have to use the logic God gave you. It's there for a purpose.
      The act that Jesus had done is an act of compassion.  Compassion for His children because He showed by His actions that He had cared.  God wanted us to carry on what Jesus had done on earth to be more like Him. One of the many things that He wants us to do is to show compassion.
      You can show compassion anywhere really. In your home to your children, maybe when they have a problem that they are going through and you don't know what to do. Show compassion, give them a hug, tell them that you love them. Maybe it's at work or at your church. Maybe your coworker or Pastor is going through a tough time and you don't know the half of it. Show compassion, pray over them and let them know that it's going to be all right. Perhaps you are going through a hard time, your Pastor or coworker may see that you're troubled and they will return the favor because guess what, they know the trouble and they probably want to help as you helped them.


You have two things to remember.
ONE: Jesus died for you because He wants you to be free, safe, and indeed a child of God. You are worth being you.


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