What Do You See? by G. Mosko

What you observe in life is important. Important in means of a healthy, spiritually Christian life.  Without observing, you'd be stuck in a rut all your life. Based on the fact that you have no clue how to live, you start to observe, to learn. You learn the good habits of a godly person and learn to refrain from bad habits.
We often see things in our minds and we accept the decision of receiving whatever it is we saw. Problem is this: you don't put yourself in action to receive. It's like taking a shower. You want to smell nice so people will like you and you can see it happening but what do you do? You just sit around on the living room couch watching TV when you need to take a shower. Do whatever it takes to take that shower. Push through and put yourself in action. Put the TV in a plastic bag if you absolutely have to make it waterproof! Whatever you need to do to get into action for whatever it is, make it happen.

You may have a decision to make regarding your future. You think the answers will just come because hey, that's sometimes life you think. No! No! No! Not at all! Put some faith to use my friend. In fact, put all your faith to use. Don't be lazy. Get up. Get into action! Nothing will happen just lying around. That just shows that you don't deserve that gift. You must be open to putting your faith in action and yourself in action.

    Do it today. Not tomorrow.

    Do the same good thing as yesterday.

   Don't wait!