The Body of Christ by G. Mosko

What is the Body of Christ? The Body of Christ is the group of believers that work together to further the kingdom of Christ. Everyone HAS to work together. If we don't all do our best and beyond, if we don't all do our part and help others do their part, it will never be what Jesus needs it to be.
Cooperation works hand in hand with obedience. Jesus was obedient when He was a child. While He didn't necessarily listen to His parents at times, He knew what was best because He listened to God through it all. He knew the plan God had for Him and He did His part to help. That's the same in the ministry. Obedience is key. Without obedience, things are left for someone else to complete. It's not okay or just all right to leave something for someone else to do. It doesn't matter if you forgot or you were busy. Jesus battled so many activities but He still managed to do everything without complaining. Did He let His followers figure out how to get fish? No! He did His part and TAUGHT them how. They had to do their part however in completing that task. They had to cooperate and obey the instructions their teacher gave them.
One thing I just have to tell you, things. take. time. I know you get frustrated. I know you get angry at the things you have to do but you shouldn't get worked up. The question is, are you doing your part?