A Matchless Message by G. Mosko

To some, people think its a Bible story that speaks to them the most. To most, the whole thing is centered around one very epic story. 

Jesus had been born into Bethlehem. His parents were told by God that He was going to be the Messiah. He had been brought to earth for a reason. He had spent His life healing the sick, teaching about the good word and guess what's even better? He chose to die for everyone! To save our sins and give us a chance to be saved. He chose to be an attacked Man and came back from the dead as something He was before but with a story. He came to earth just to teach and die for us, His children. This is the powerful matchless message. Nothing can match up to this even the slightest!

 People who don't believe in Jesus don't think the same. That's fine to an extent. When they get to a point where they realize the truth and need to hear the truth, we need to be able to know this message to show others that very message. Otherwise, their life will crumble and never get what they need. They fall into sin. They need help. That's what I'm here for and what your Pastor is here for. To help you learn to teach others. 

Will you teach others about the matchless message of Christ?