Who Jesus Calls and Equips by G. Mosko

People are broken. They are hurting. The devil has grasped them in his scandalous arms and his evil ways so tightly he refuses to let them go. Why? Well simply put, he is plain evil. He doesn't want people discovering and keeping the light inside of them. He doesn't want them free. They need to know the truth, how to escape from the falsity of this world and come to Jesus. That's where we come in to play. 

Jesus called the twelve disciples his following believers. He picked them out especially and specially to go out and help preach the gospel. He calls us His believing followers as well. He wants as much support as he can. Why's this? As you know, people have fallen to sin. Whether they realize it right away or not, they have fallen real deep. When Jesus died on the cross and when God even made the world, He knew who would be born and who would be His followers before anyone else. Our job as believers is to take the Word of God out to the world to others. To teach them about the truth of life. We need to be diligent to do this task as we don't know when the time is. Whether the time is now, or it's later, we need to act now!  

You were called by Jesus when He was born and you stayed with that calling when He died to be believing followers of Christ. You got equipped with the Word Of God, the mighty Holy Spirit, and Jesus Himself. Go out and use them to your advantage!