Strong Foundation by G. Mosko

  A house needs a strong foundation, it's how it can stand in mighty storms and big disasters. Houses are made with a foundation made by default underneath of it. Now, this doesn't mean that it's already in the safe zone. If you were inside of a home when suddenly a flood or storm came towards you and the house just has a foundation, you wouldn't be safe. Reason for this is because there's no walls or roof.  There's nothing to support the foundation to make it stronger. You wouldn't want to stay in that state of danger. I know I wouldn't. I'd run away and find somewhere safe. 

     In the same very way, believers need to find somewhere safe away from the dangers, the dangers of sin and deception, into somewhere safe. This safe place is can easily be transformed into a foundation. It's somewhere where you can stand your ground and say, "I believe, I am a child of God, I am free, I will not fall" Little things like that can help us in the long run in life. This foundation can relate to the very foundation of a house. Allow Jesus to be your foundation and walls and roof. Have Him be your walls and roof. Have Him be your foundation and you be your walls and roof. Your choice and I hope you choose the right one.


The following is important to note: Without walls and a roof, you'd be destroyed and you wouldn't have any support. Without a foundation, you'd crumble. Either way, you lose. Want to fix this dilemma? Choose to have both!