The Anointing by G. Mosko

Some people rely on other people to give them things. Some people rely on false gods to give them things! Some of them rely on themselves. Hey, MOST of them rely on nothing at all! This needs to change or a least stop!

     The anointing is a gift from the Holy Spirit, an extreme force powerful enough to cover your head to toe, finger to finger, inside and out, everywhere! It fills you up with a strong desire. A desire to learn, to know more, and to get what you need.

      Think of it like this, you have a child who loves sugar. Sugar makes you hyper, or at least on television, it does. The child may be lounging around the living room watching cartoons of meaningless animals singing songs in a park until you feed him the sugar. This makes him jump out of his seat all happy, a smile on his face. He's active, he's happy, he is doing something more useful than before. The sugar resembles the anointing. Another example, you sit around on your butt all day and refuse to do something meaningful for the person who made you for crying out loud!! God decides its time for you to do something and the anointing gets released on you. You jump for joy! You are happy, doing something useful for the kingdom of God! You even want to learn!!

The anointing of the Holy Spirit is a gift from only one person in life. 

I'm begging you to rely on His anointing, please, for His sake, not mine!