Expect it! by G. Mosko

Faith means to trust in God. Faith means to believe in something without seeing it firsthand. Faith means you believe you receive. These are easy to decipher what the meaning is.
There was one person who put you on this Earth. That person is God. What better way to reward Him for that by trusting in Him to give you what you need. He is trustworthy to do so. You can trust me on this one. I'm a nice kid and God's a nice fellow. Just trust in Him.
If you can't see what you want to have, you most likely don't really want to have it. It's simple sense. You don't see it happening, it's never going to happen. You don't really want it as well. You can't have faith in something and not see it happening. See it happening before expecting. It's easier in the long run.
If you want things, you expect yourself to have it. For that you must put your faith in action! Believe you receive that thing. It's hard, I know. It's difficult, stressful, and most of the times it seems like you need to give up on faith. I'm telling you not to quit. Stay on the right path, stay strong. Believe you receive.