Obedience by G.Mosko


Be obedient. You've heard this phrase been said before. From parents to teachers to relatives. Well, what does it mean? The big word "obedient" can be  broken down to the word "obey". There's something important to note here.  The word obedient is an adjective. It describes something. That's useful in life for describing a good human being trait and understanding what the word "obey"  means. On the other hand of the matter however, the word is a verb.
     Note this down, it shows action! WE CAN OBEY!!!! We show our obedience by obeying. You may be thinking to yourself, how do we apply this knowledge to our biblical and spiritual life and why does it matter? Well, we can easily apply this knowledge by doing the action! 

[DEUTERONOMY 5:29] O that there is such a heart in them, that they would fear me and keep my commandments. That it will be well with them and their children forever!
     God gives things to you because He loves you. He loves the earth just as very much. That is one of the reasons He made the ten commandments. Another reason they were made was so people won't stray to a path of evil or disobedience. If we listen to His commands, we obey the Lord. If we disobey the Lord, we aren't following the correct path. What are the benefits? We don't exactly need anything in return, to be honest with you. He put you into this world and He can take you out of this world just as easy. The gift of obeying put simply is life. A life that that is well, a long life, and a healthy life.