Why do we praise? by G. Mosko

There are many ways to worship. Some people do it openly, some do it secretly. Some do it quietly, some do it loudly. Some people sing, some people dance. Some teach, and some learn. All the people work together to build the kingdom of God. That's our mission as believers and followers. But my question is this, why do you praise? Why do you praise Him? Is it because you have heard stories of breakthroughs and want a breakthrough for yourself? Is it because you have nothing better to do and it's all just a joke secretly to you? Or is it because you truly love Him enough to give Him the glory for being the One and Only God. The One who made you. There is only ever one choice with people, it could be a good choice or a bad choice. Your choice is to choose what is right. There is a story in Mark 11 that tells of Jesus' expedition into Jerusalem. This story shows us an example of people who praise. Here is what the story was all about.
     Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. This was before His death on the cross and resurrection, of course. Some people despised Him because they didn't believe or want the truth. Some believed and worshiped Him as their Lord and Savior, listening to the teachings that would benefit all of the people. As He rode in the city, people who knew Jesus and didn't know Jesus stood in awe that He came. His followers placed their clothes on the ground before Him as well as leaves and branches so He could walk on them. While shouting
"Hosanna! Hosanna! Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord!", they dropped to their knees to commemorate Him for the wondrous works He has done.