He Is Risen! by G. Mosko

Easter baskets, candy, Easter Bunny, egg hunts. Events in town because the kids gotta find the Easter bunny and get a picture. Oh, And maybe get a free glow stick as well. It's so important that we make our kids happy right?

      Well, yes. It's okay to make them happy, but we leave out what Easter is all about. We go home from Easter breakfast to find eggs across the yard, and hunting to find them. After we do so, we eat the candy inside and go to bed. Wake up the next morning with no mention of that Sunday before! 

     People have this crazy idea that the Easter Bunny came to some kids houses to give eggs with chocolate in them because he's a nice bunny. That's a ridiculous idea to ever think about!! Not to mention impossible. The whole background behind Easter, however, is the idea of Christ's resurrection. 

     Jesus died on the cross, got buried in the tomb, and rose up from the grave back to Earth to go to Heaven. This was how Easter started. Jesus rose from the dead! We need to understand this. Instead of rejoicing of chocolate and bunnies, we need to rejoice of Jesus Christ and His deeds He has done for us. 

     Now, you can have fun on Easter but you can't forget what it's about and you can't forget to rejoice in His resurrection. Jesus is the reason that we have life.