Salvation by G. Mosko

We all screw up at least once in our lives. It's part of being human. We think we have the problem figured out and then we screw up. We think we are right and we still screw up.  Why? Why can't we always do good? Why can't we always be right in the eyes of the Lord? We can, but we will always have a little thing hindering us. That's satans work. When Adam and Eve sinned, evil entered the world. Over time sin grew bigger and bigger until it had encased everything living and non-living in it. Humans over time grew susceptible to sin and gave in at every possible outlet. They grew to a love of sin enough to never want to leave, or they want to leave their bondage behind but don't know how. I can tell you, today there is a solution for you. You don't have to be in bondage anymore because Jesus had died on the cross for you. We are saved from sin because Jesus died on the cross. The salvation we have through Christ protects us when evil gets planted and rooted in our lives.
  All you must do is believe He is your savior and that you are saved. You need to stay in that belief. You need to ask for forgiveness and keep a habit of avoiding that sin. It is hard. It is. Trust me, I've been through a lot to know. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm dumb. The salvation of Jesus Christ is life changing to your life only if you let it be. He can't come in if you don't let Him in. His salvation can shake you to your very core because it's so powerful! His act was self-less and priceless.