Proclamation by G. Mosko

 Speaking makes things happen. If you don't speak it, it won't be. It goes hand in hand with the principle of faith. You believe that the thing you are having faith in happens, you believe you receive. Although, you don't confess it will happen.  You can't do that. In order to get what you believe in, you need to confess it, proclaim it. Accept that you will receive. It is the same principle with teaching. What we say, will happen. If we say Jesus is our healer, He will willingly heal us of our afflictions. If we say Jesus isn't our healer, He won't bother helping us because we aren't willing to participate in the miraculous life.

Now, people follow Christ because of an aid of a powerful word we use called PROCLAMATION, meaning a public or official announcement.  

Now take note, it doesn't say a private and quiet announcement. It says a public announcement. How do people hear of your proclamations? You say them loud of course! Not quiet! No one can hear you that way silly. They can't hear you when you sing it in the shower, they certainly won't ever hear you! Here is an example that may help you out a little bit more:    When I first became a Christian, or even a teenager, I wouldn't openly tell of my feelings at all. I would keep them all private. Only I knew about them. To me, that was the best way to deal with it. I was wrong. It only made the feelings worse than they were currently. I did learn over time that it wasn't okay for me to hide them inside because that could lead to even worse problems. It even can hinder people from finding better alternatives to make themselves feel better. Without me telling people, my viewpoint is amiss and no one learns through me. Eventually,  I started opening up more to the people around me.  It started in a little way of proclaiming my feelings. Throughout my writings and especially more to people. 

Proclaim the truth, don't be quiet. Speak up and speak out!