Being successful is a necessity for people. You may think it's worth nothing in life. Why? Why don't you think it's not worth anything? God wants us to be like Him and the best we can do is be successful just like Him. That's worth a lot! The steps are simple. Believe, pray for guidance, stay on the right path for as long as needed, repeat. Start by applying Joy to your life. Be happy. Get hyped for church, for life, for Jesus. Next, you can apply J-O-Y to your life. Now that you're happy, you can tackle other peoples needs. Don't be selfish, greedy and uncontrolled. The J stands for "Jesus". Praise Him with whatever you do, no matter what happens to you. The O stands for "Others". Pay attention to other peoples needs, not just yourself. No one likes a greedy giver. That's a giver who doesn't give. Finally, the Y stands for "Yourself". Focus on what you need. No, not just what you want. What you need AND want.

God is a huge example of being successful. Take, for example; He developed the world and He developed every single one of us on this planet! He formed all of us in our mother's womb. It's truly magnificent. It is impossible for a human being to do that very same task! Isn't that successful enough for you? I know it is to me. His goal was to build a kingdom and He is well on His way. No one will stop His plan. Not even wars or Satan can destroy or disrupt His plans.

However, the devil can disrupt our plans if we're not careful and obedient. Don't be too anxious or too involved in being successful that you forget who and what really matters. Don't forget God, your Father, and His amazing story.