Faith....Reverse Faith by Gracie Mosko

Most people who've paid attention to sermons know what faith is. For those that don't know, think of it as a big belief system that works in life through the Holy Spirit along with your belief in Christ. You have a part and the Holy Spirit has a part. 

But what's reverse faith? Well, let's break it down. Something that everyone encounters in their life is going in reverse. If they drive? They go in reverse to back up. If they make a mistake in life, they try to reverse themselves by fixing that mist

Reverse faith is basically instead of continuous belief on going forward and keeping that faith, they stop and reverse themselves. This is something we all need to pay attention to. Going in reverse is based on the devil's power. You don't want that. I know I don't. 

Rather, going forward is based on God's power. You will feel like calling it quits but don't! That's the trick Satan is playing on you. Don't fall for it at all. You might have thoughts that say it's ok and you need rest. That's not the right way to go. There are simpler ways that God is more than glad to help you with. 

Don't go in reverse and miss out on your chance before it's too late.

Go forward.