Good Good Father by G. Mosko


Over 2000 years ago, God chose to wrap His glory up and also to throw it many places on the earth to do something wonderful. He made us. He made Jesus. He made blessings and miracles. He made life! It was to benefit us and Himself. He was alone and wanted people to be on earth to start a family and live peacefully. Therefore Adam and Eve were made. They lived in the Garden of Eden with their Heavenly Father, God. They didn't sin until Satan tried to deceive them and succeeded with the attempt.

Of course, He didn't want evil in the world and something had to be done. He wanted and still does want us to have a fantastic life here on earth.  Just because we stopped obeying doesn't mean He stopped caring. No matter what you do on earth to disobey, whether you did something intentionally or not, which I hope it is unintentional, He will gladly and quickly forgive you and continue to love you forever and ever!

He decided to make us a home and He decided on the foods and resources to include in His magnificent earth so that we would be safe and healthy and without flaw. He makes sure we get the care we need. He guides us into right and strays us from evil. That's a Good Good Father!!