Be Prepared by G. Mosko

Suppose you have a huge vacation planned to another country. I'll use Europe for example. So you live in the United States and you plan a trip in three months to Europe for three days. Your job is to prepare. You have to make sure you don't have big priorities during your planned trip dates, you need to pack, you need to know the customs of that place and you need to have a place to stay. You also need to know the different currency conversions so you have money to spend. Budgeting would help as well with getting there and back. Why do we need all of this? Why Is it necessary? Is it necessary? YES, it most definitely is! Without preparing for your trip, you will feel miserable. You won't have clean clothes because you forget to pack, you can't eat because you forget to budget and bring enough money with you. You don't even look for a hotel to stay in. You see why preparing is important? You won't get anywhere if you don't start somewhere.

The same thing applies to your spiritual life. You need to be on your guard and be prepared for anything the devil throws at you. You need to be equipped with the word by knowing and meditating on the scriptures so you can defeat the enemy when needed. You need to be prepared most importantly for blessings and you need to be prepared for the end days. Jesus is coming soon and we don't know the date, but what we do know that we can be prepared for that time. Accept Him as your Lord, don't stray to the path of defeat and failure. Remembering all this is tricky and you will encounter hard patches on your journey. It's only the beginning and you will get through it!