The Way of Escape by G. Mosko

We all have things in our life we want to get rid of. Addictions, addiction, addictions. We tend to overload our lives with all these items that we often forget to get rid of the negative and keep the positive. Instead of getting rid of the negative, we mostly get rid of the positive. That's why we constantly feel the agony and pain that comes with the territory. The worst thing is, we often don't know why they're present there. It could be because you allowed that evil in your life. It could be because you are going through a rough patch in your life. Whatever the reason, it needs to leave. Jesus didn't have evil in Him and neither should you.

Addictions range from being addicted to drugs to being addicted to being kind. There are good addictions and bad ones. The ones you should keep should be the good ones and the ones you need to filter out in your life are the bad ones. Bad addictions hinder you from praising God, pleasing others and loving yourself. Good addictions keep you from doing wrong, lets you praise and aids you in helping others.