Fellowship in the Word by G. Mosko


WHERE GOD’S WORD MEETS YOUR WORLD. We all as Christians have a mission. Jesus has a mission. He wants our help to complete it and overdo the task. We spend so much time working and reading and also watching things that go against what is true in the Word of God. We don't stop because we get addicted to whatever is on. We get so addicted that we stop focusing on what is important and we stop advancing in our spiritual walk. Jesus wants us to have fellowship with Him. Not a simple prayer and you eating bread. A genuine talk and sit-through with Him, listening for what He wants to say to you. Not just reading and singing words off of a screen. During your worship time could be such a beneficial time for you and Him. He wants that moment to be special. That moment could be anytime but time is running out and people need to make a choice. You only have one life you know.

Whether or not you "can't" have fellowship or you choose not to because you are too "busy", you need to find the time to have that fellowship with Him no matter what. Push aside a task in your day that isn't very important, stay up later than usual, wake up earlier than usual. Anything that can help develop that devotional and spiritual time with God is something you must do.