Seeing Angels by G. Mosko

We all have people who jump at the chance to protect us and show us what we are worth to them. Your parents are one of those people, your boss, your pastor, even your friends. Those people usually stop at nothing to accomplish what they started. Although, at some point, they do stop. They stop being there for you because they are incapable or they have nothing else to give except their love.
Just like everyone has their own person who loves them, everyone has their own guardian angel. Your personal bodyguard who is there for you every step of your life. They never back down or back out. If you need them, they're there for you. When you are being attacked by a fight or the devil is tempting you, that angel is there to aid you in that process. Now, as long as you're willing and thankful, they will continue to help you. That doesn't mean it is okay to jump off cliffs just to be saved by your angel. They don't deal with stupidity. They're superior.
Angels sometimes reveal things to us that were included in a mission God sent for you or a group of people to complete. Say that there is an empty lot by a field and no one owns it. You think it would be cool if you could buy the land and fill it with a store or house. On one night you drive by that lot and have a vision of angels and men building a church in that lot. Sometimes it is your imagination but all of the time you need to seek God and figure out what's best. It could be three months later, and you DID buy the lot and you DID build a church there. All because of the help of your bodyguard. It's a process that takes time and consultation. Just remember that, if you aren't in line with God, you won't see angels.