Filter It Out by G. Mosko


There are days you choose to go to church because you want to. You choose to go to church because you know you need to hear the message, pray to God, etc. Even if you're a helper in the ministry, you still come on a "want" or "needed" basis. It should be MANDATORY basis!! An essential basis! The same goes for reading your Bible or praying at a point in the daytime or nighttime. Telling others about Jesus can be a reason as well. These are all due to your thoughts, people around you as well as your surrounding media you listen to and watch every day.

Your thoughts are governed by what YOU CHOOSE to think. They are powered by you, the media and people you see and meet. You can control your thoughts by making a schedule of rules every day for prayer, and Bible reading. It soon will become a habit instead of a rule. Make a pact that you will get rid of the bad thoughts to make room for good ones.

The people and media you see and watch on a daily basis can trouble you greatly. Their beliefs almost always come up and you are then on the task to not believe those unless you KNOW they're true. You must choose to not give in to temptations you face as well. Again, if you make a rule to make a schedule of praying and reading, it will become a habit of yours.