Not What, But Who by G. Mosko

We all get distracted by what we have or know about to help us. An example could be money. Money can't buy you happiness, no amount of physical or mental entity can keep you happy forever. This is exactly the representation that THINGS can't keep you safe forever. So it doesn't matter what you know because you can't expect it to save you during trouble. It's all right to have things you know to help you in little problems, such as a water bill you need to pay and you have the resources to pay it off, there you go. You can utilize your resource to pay your bill, you solve that issue. However, there may be a time when you get your water bill and you DON'T have the resources to help. Then what happens? Your water shuts off and you come across more and more and more issues.
However, on the other hand of the picture, God is ready to jump in for you to help when you need it. He is your resource. He is the puzzle piece you've always needed. No money can bring about happiness but God's love endures forever. Things cant always keep you safe but Jesus will be your Never-Ending Protector. IF you let Him help you.
It doesn't matter what you know, but it's who you know that makes the difference. Just remember that "physical entities can't always help every catastrophe, but every catastrophe can bring growth spiritually".