Expect it! by G. Mosko

Faith means to trust in God. Faith means to believe in something without seeing it firsthand. Faith means you believe you receive. These are easy to decipher what the meaning is.
There was one person who put you on this Earth. That person is God. What better way to reward Him for that by trusting in Him to give you what you need. He is trustworthy to do so. You can trust me on this one. I'm a nice kid and God's a nice fellow. Just trust in Him.
If you can't see what you want to have, you most likely don't really want to have it. It's simple sense. You don't see it happening, it's never going to happen. You don't really want it as well. You can't have faith in something and not see it happening. See it happening before expecting. It's easier in the long run.
If you want things, you expect yourself to have it. For that you must put your faith in action! Believe you receive that thing. It's hard, I know. It's difficult, stressful, and most of the times it seems like you need to give up on faith. I'm telling you not to quit. Stay on the right path, stay strong. Believe you receive.


Have Faith by G. Mosko


"I do not have time to tell about Gideon, Barak, Samson, and Jephthah, about David and Samuel and the prophets, who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and gained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions." [Hebrews 11:32-33]
Everyone that was mentioned in this verse all had one thing in common. They all had faith. What resulted from their faith? Kingdoms were conquered and they got what they asked for! That resulted from the power of faith. I know, having faith is basically the same thing as believing. But are you really truly believing? 
Sometimes there will be circumstances where we think we have faith but it's not really the true faith. This is called your head faith.  Imagine a duck in the middle of the road struggling to walk and you stop your car in front of it. Do you get out and help the duck or do you run straight over it because your head faith instinct was that it was meant to die if it was already struggling? Why not end it's life now.  It seems silly but head faith is silly. It does nothing for your good.  You can easily and most of the time distinguish what type of faith you have at the moment by asking yourself, 'Is this what God would want'. It's short but works tremendously.
Faith comes by hearing the Word, the Word of God. [Romans 10:17]
Having faith in any and/or all circumstances is very important. Just because you have faith in one circumstance, doesn't mean you shouldn't have faith in another one. 

Who Jesus Calls and Equips by G. Mosko

People are broken. They are hurting. The devil has grasped them in his scandalous arms and his evil ways so tightly he refuses to let them go. Why? Well simply put, he is plain evil. He doesn't want people discovering and keeping the light inside of them. He doesn't want them free. They need to know the truth, how to escape from the falsity of this world and come to Jesus. That's where we come in to play. 

Jesus called the twelve disciples his following believers. He picked them out especially and specially to go out and help preach the gospel. He calls us His believing followers as well. He wants as much support as he can. Why's this? As you know, people have fallen to sin. Whether they realize it right away or not, they have fallen real deep. When Jesus died on the cross and when God even made the world, He knew who would be born and who would be His followers before anyone else. Our job as believers is to take the Word of God out to the world to others. To teach them about the truth of life. We need to be diligent to do this task as we don't know when the time is. Whether the time is now, or it's later, we need to act now!  

You were called by Jesus when He was born and you stayed with that calling when He died to be believing followers of Christ. You got equipped with the Word Of God, the mighty Holy Spirit, and Jesus Himself. Go out and use them to your advantage!

A Matchless Message by G. Mosko

To some, people think its a Bible story that speaks to them the most. To most, the whole thing is centered around one very epic story. 

Jesus had been born into Bethlehem. His parents were told by God that He was going to be the Messiah. He had been brought to earth for a reason. He had spent His life healing the sick, teaching about the good word and guess what's even better? He chose to die for everyone! To save our sins and give us a chance to be saved. He chose to be an attacked Man and came back from the dead as something He was before but with a story. He came to earth just to teach and die for us, His children. This is the powerful matchless message. Nothing can match up to this even the slightest!

 People who don't believe in Jesus don't think the same. That's fine to an extent. When they get to a point where they realize the truth and need to hear the truth, we need to be able to know this message to show others that very message. Otherwise, their life will crumble and never get what they need. They fall into sin. They need help. That's what I'm here for and what your Pastor is here for. To help you learn to teach others. 

Will you teach others about the matchless message of Christ?

Strong Foundation by G. Mosko

  A house needs a strong foundation, it's how it can stand in mighty storms and big disasters. Houses are made with a foundation made by default underneath of it. Now, this doesn't mean that it's already in the safe zone. If you were inside of a home when suddenly a flood or storm came towards you and the house just has a foundation, you wouldn't be safe. Reason for this is because there's no walls or roof.  There's nothing to support the foundation to make it stronger. You wouldn't want to stay in that state of danger. I know I wouldn't. I'd run away and find somewhere safe. 

     In the same very way, believers need to find somewhere safe away from the dangers, the dangers of sin and deception, into somewhere safe. This safe place is can easily be transformed into a foundation. It's somewhere where you can stand your ground and say, "I believe, I am a child of God, I am free, I will not fall" Little things like that can help us in the long run in life. This foundation can relate to the very foundation of a house. Allow Jesus to be your foundation and walls and roof. Have Him be your walls and roof. Have Him be your foundation and you be your walls and roof. Your choice and I hope you choose the right one.


The following is important to note: Without walls and a roof, you'd be destroyed and you wouldn't have any support. Without a foundation, you'd crumble. Either way, you lose. Want to fix this dilemma? Choose to have both!

Compassion by G. Mosko

    Jesus wants you to be happy. He wants others to be happy as well. He wants everyone to be happy. You might not believe that. That's relatable. But you need to believe that. Because guess what? He died for you. For you! You say you are not worth it and don't deserve to have happiness let alone be alive! News flash, He took His life and decided to die to save yours! Why would He do that if He didn't think you were worth it. You have to use the logic God gave you. It's there for a purpose.
      The act that Jesus had done is an act of compassion.  Compassion for His children because He showed by His actions that He had cared.  God wanted us to carry on what Jesus had done on earth to be more like Him. One of the many things that He wants us to do is to show compassion.
      You can show compassion anywhere really. In your home to your children, maybe when they have a problem that they are going through and you don't know what to do. Show compassion, give them a hug, tell them that you love them. Maybe it's at work or at your church. Maybe your coworker or Pastor is going through a tough time and you don't know the half of it. Show compassion, pray over them and let them know that it's going to be all right. Perhaps you are going through a hard time, your Pastor or coworker may see that you're troubled and they will return the favor because guess what, they know the trouble and they probably want to help as you helped them.


You have two things to remember.
ONE: Jesus died for you because He wants you to be free, safe, and indeed a child of God. You are worth being you.


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Full Flame by G. Mosko

SEE THE FLAME:  You want to be a person who wants the best in life. You want to get fired up for Jesus but can't seem to get started in that journey. No matter how hard you try, the flame bursts and disappears, you think that Jesus is gone in your life but the truth is, He is still there. 

(It's the same thing with a candle when the flame is gone. The wick which is the supporting foundation burns up and darkens, but it's still there. Hey, you can even light it up again and it may have another flame) 
However, there is one thing you don't realize and it's pretty important. You have to see the flame to know what that flame is. How it works isn't like a Houdini magic act that produces a lot of fans. It's a wonderful thing used to glorify the Lord and it produces many more believers. 

BELIEVE THE FLAME:  You've already seen the flame in other people, now what do you do? Well, there's more to just seeing something to make it true matter-of-fact. We spends hours on end when we aren't working just lying around the house doing nothing! Not even a single thank you to God for creating you as a human!! He could have made you a duck for crying out loud. Look, I'm just saying. Believe you receive that flame. Confess it out of your mouth. 

BE THE FLAME: You have finally found that flame. Now you're ready to live it on out. Go show people that very flame. Yell it on top of the mountains. DON'T FORGET THIS FLAME!!!!! 


What Do You See? by G. Mosko

What you observe in life is important. Important in means of a healthy, spiritually Christian life.  Without observing, you'd be stuck in a rut all your life. Based on the fact that you have no clue how to live, you start to observe, to learn. You learn the good habits of a godly person and learn to refrain from bad habits.
We often see things in our minds and we accept the decision of receiving whatever it is we saw. Problem is this: you don't put yourself in action to receive. It's like taking a shower. You want to smell nice so people will like you and you can see it happening but what do you do? You just sit around on the living room couch watching TV when you need to take a shower. Do whatever it takes to take that shower. Push through and put yourself in action. Put the TV in a plastic bag if you absolutely have to make it waterproof! Whatever you need to do to get into action for whatever it is, make it happen.

You may have a decision to make regarding your future. You think the answers will just come because hey, that's sometimes life you think. No! No! No! Not at all! Put some faith to use my friend. In fact, put all your faith to use. Don't be lazy. Get up. Get into action! Nothing will happen just lying around. That just shows that you don't deserve that gift. You must be open to putting your faith in action and yourself in action.

    Do it today. Not tomorrow.

    Do the same good thing as yesterday.

   Don't wait!


Unlimited by G. Mosko

When you were younger you were limited to things you can and cannot do. You were limited to the amount of sugar you could eat, you couldn’t go to your friends’ house without parents’ permission, and no electronics after a specific time.  These limitations your family and friends gave you were for your utmost safety in life. They loved you enough to protect you.

                Most people currently would tell you that they want to be with Jesus and arrive at a state in life where they can live freely. They also tell you that it’s impossible for them to do so because they limit themselves spiritually to do so. You shouldn’t be limited to anything!! You can’t be limited to anything, it’s practically against why Jesus died for us. To let us live fearless, priceless, and limitless.

 Ephesians 3:20  Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

 Jesus’ mighty power is working in us so heavily that are unlimited to share Jesus with others. That we can ask for anything we need and receive it. That’s enough power to limit the devil and make us limitless. Only one thing remains, and it may well be Jesus. Be limitless unto Him and receive all your deserved benefits. "Don’t attempt to limit the unlimited, that’s the only thing that is limited”

Will you make yourselves limitless unto Jesus?

Jesus, The Best Gift Ever by G. Mosko

People have expectations around the holidays and they never realize the truth. They just don’t know. On Christmas Eve people gathered round in the church building for the candlelight service singing “Silent Night”, they must sing Silent Night because they think that Jesus might not award them with eternal gifts, some of their thinking is, if they don't sing to Jesus then they won't receive from Jesus. They must sing Christmas carols door to door because the best gift you could receive is a surprise concert at midnight when you want some sleep. That’s not true! Not true at all! Expectations expectations.  

Everybody drains themselves, mentally, physically, and spiritually. They try all these ideas because they think it’s the truth when in reality it really isn’t. 

The best gift you could receive isn’t your favorite toy, book, movie, or a flat screen TV you’ve always wanted. The best gift that you could receive is the one and only Jesus Christ. He will give you your needs not because you want them, but because you need them and because He was born to distribute them to everybody. Ask Him to guide you in the Christmas season, whether it be next year or the year after that. Ask Him to show you the truth and He will give the answers. You have to let it happen. Will you let it happen?

Safe Heart by G. Mosko

Everyone has a heart, whether it be physically or spiritually and whether it be good or bad. It’s something that you were created with. On purpose for a purpose.

You! Yes, you. You have a heart. A heart that people admire because it’s on the level with good. God applauds you greatly for that. I do too. I can also say that your Pastor and your friends applaud it as well. You have a hear of good because you were created by good, specifically for good to do good. Jesus’ heart is a heart of protection, love, and great wisdom. It’s important to have that same heart in many ways. It helps people realize what you stand for. It also helps in the world of unbelief that the world contains unbelief and turns it into belief. It alters people’s lives in such a huge impact, they sometimes go from sitting in their home on a Sunday morning complaining about everything that went wrong in a week to sitting in church on a Sunday morning experiencing good. It’s important to remember to keep on doing what you are doing because it benefits the kingdom of God. Helps it grow bigger and bigger! You have an important choice to make here. Have a heart of love, the same as Jesus does, or have a heart of stone. Rock solid with nothing good. Will you have the same heart as Jesus does? Or will you have a heart of stone?

The Power of God by G. Mosko

One little flame, first ignited as a tiny spark, started off as something small, igniting into a bigger flame, burning forever and ever. Resulting in an eternal promise and gift to all who want it. Healing, an anointing, an answer to prayer, all these things are from one source, one big power source, so big that it has enough power to supply anything you need. So powerful that it never even runs out of power. The power of God in your life may start off as something you learn more of to get used to it. The power of God can heal you, it can fire you up to want to be with Him, it anoints you with giftings, callings, and many other wonderful things to glorify the Lord and live a good life. 

[2 Peter 1:3] His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 

All you have to do is allow it all to happen. Will you let it happen? 

Who do you represent? by G. Mosko

Who you represent in life is vitally important to living a successful life. It shows others perspective through who you represent. You can either choose to represent the devil, your flesh, or you can choose to represent Jesus, the good fruit. It’s a decision that is crucial for you to make. Can’t make a decision? I think I could maybe help you with that.  

[Galatians 5:19-21] The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions, and envy; drunkenness, and the like. 

[Galatians 5:22-23] But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things, there is no law. 

 Obviously, your best option would be to represent Jesus, don’t you think? Jesus is good, the devil is bad. Do the math. Jesus is your go-to for your attitude. Your attitude you have towards people matters, what you say and do can alter what people think is ok. Say something wrong and against the word? They will think that it is ok for them to do the same. Do something wrong and against the word? Then people will think it is ok for them to do the same. You can choose to represent a good fruit in your life. This is a representative of Jesus. Or, you can choose to represent the bad fruit. This is from the devil. Remember, Jesus is good, the devil is bad. Do the math.  

Who do you represent? 

Resist him by G. Mosko

Doubt, temptation, sin, sickness, disease, anxiety, you name it. They all have a couple of things in common. An important thing in common you need to be aware of and constantly on guard is that they are not good from God. Rather, God works day and night to help you in learning how to work at taking it all away. They bury their being inside of your soul, building a negative spirit inside of you, gradually increasing in power to make you stray off the path of faith, righteousness, and good. These all come from one source, you probably guessed it since it’s not from God. Rather, from the enemy.  

I was (still am) guilty of all of these. I mean, everyone is at some point, right? People would tell me how to avoid it all and I would try to apply those principles to my life. I would cave in to pressure at every possible exit I could think of. Nervousness, yes could be. Laziness, maybe so. I would imagine myself living freely and pain-free and never would achieve what I wanted. I am still struggling but everyone who is learning is as well.  These two very specific words came into my head one Sunday morning which was, RESIST HIM!  

Him as in Satan and resist as in command him to leave your body! When sickness, doubt, and temptation come to you go ahead and face the devil boldly, commanding him to leave! He has no business to stay inside of you except big plans to steal, kill, and destroy. Why would you want something like that? I know I wouldn’t! Be bold! Be proud that he can’t come towards you with any of that stuff! It’s something that takes effort and time but is worth it and produces great results. So, don’t be afraid. GO AHEAD, RESIST HIM!


Thanksgiving by G. Mosko


Thanksgiving. You probably think of a big dinner and family running around the table. Loud talk on how the turkey was caught and killed and how you were this close to getting the big one. Yes, I would agree it's a busy time to get everything together. Everyone hustles around to get the big table set. Everyone needs to catch the special game on the television.  

There is always one very important thing everyone forgets to do at that moment. In the midst of all that chattiness you always or almost forget to give thanks to God for everything in your life and everyone. Thanksgiving is a time to give the ultimate thanks. It’s literally in the name, thanks for giving. Giving thanks shows others and God that you are thankful and blessed to have whatever you have received. 

 It’s like a testimony for a holiday. It’s a good thing to give thanks to the Lord even if you feel you are too busy to bring recognition that you enjoy what God has given you. It’s good to give thanks to him even if it isn’t Thanksgiving. Praise him morning and night, don’t stop. 

[Psalms 92:1-2] 

It is good to praise the Lord 

and make music to your name, O Most High, 

proclaiming your love in the morning 

and your faithfulness at night. 


 What will you give thanks for?

Expecting-part 2 by G. Mosko

(1. Expect For The Unsaved To Be Saved): Many people come to church for the first, second, or even hundredth time. Most of these people aren’t even saved. They know Jesus but never accepted Him to be in their lives. Be expecting that Gods spirit will move in their lives so mightily that they can’t refuse to not invite Him in. 

(2. Expect A Provision Of Signs And Wonders): Understanding God more is very important. It helps us learn about His ways and His choices for us. People experiencing these signs and miracles helps to open up their eyes and mind to see Gods will and His marvelous ways. Expect God to move His power over the church by a provision of signs and wonders for others to experience the Holy Spirit.

(3. Expect For Abundant Workers): From teachers, to even the pastor! They are all workers in some way. The teachers and pastors both need the wisdom and courage to fight through the day and instruct people about the good works of Jesus. Abundant resources to teach and prosper. Be expecting that God will move over the church and fill up those empty numbers to provide what those instructors need.

(4. Expect For Continued Utterances Of The Holy Spirit): Speaking in tongues is the evidence of the mighty power of God. Repeating it over and over again helps you to develop that connection with Him. Expect that God will move in the church widespread over everyone’s lives to help them speak over and over again.

(5. Expect Guidance From The Holy Spirit): We are all growing as we learn about Jesus and the promises, miracles, and wonders He has chosen to give us. Sometimes we tend to drift off the path and lose focus of what our purpose is on earth. Sometimes we get stuck and simply stay in one position. Sometimes when we think we are doing the right thing we are doing the wrong thing. I know it happens to me, and I know it happens to you too. It happens to all of us. Expect that God will move over the church and fill everyone with the guidance they need to succeed.


Expecting by G. Mosko

The Bible offers you many promises that God has chosen to give to you. These can range from promises of healing to even promises of forgiveness. You knew of these promises He gave you for a long time and you want them in your life. Just one question for you. Are you expecting those things to occur in your life? As an individual, you need to expect whatever it is you want to receive from God. You should be expecting in order to receive God's mighty power on your behalf. Without expecting, you are not acknowledging that God can do such things.  Believing can be connected with expecting in a way if you think about it. You believe for something and believe you receive it. When you believe for something you EXPECT it to happen. If you don’t expect something then you will not be able to receive? You will be lacking in your life and you won’t receive anything. Expect to receive God’s love in your life. Expect to receive that anointing He has promised you. Expect to receive the healing He has promised. HIS word has promised you all that and more! All you have to do is expect that it will happen.  

So, my questions for you today are these. Are you expecting? What are you expecting?


Take that Joy by G. Mosko

The devil will claw at your door leaving you empty and helpless. You feel depressed and lonely. You tried to push him out but for some reason, he keeps coming back to you. Well, then what do you do? It’s really simple. Just laugh right in his face and command him to leave. Have the joy that you can't retreat from and that the devil will retreat from. Having that mindset of happiness is vitally important. It shows that you are taking a stand against evil. Laughing is the medicine for the calamity in your life. You show that you are not afraid by it. It will leave you because you told it to. It shows that you want to receive what you believe. It shows that others can be happy in their life, teaches them that they can live pain-free as well. It shows the devil that you don’t care about his work. Take the joy that is set for your life and push him out! Don’t neglect the fact that it's there for you! You were given it to use it! Use what God has given you. Your choice is fairly simple for you to make today. Will you take a stand for joy and laugh at Satan? Or will you take it and have nothing to do with it?

Your Light Has Come

[ISAIAH 60:1-2]  
“Arise, shine, for your light has come,  
   and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.  
 See, darkness covers the earth  
   and thick darkness is over the peoples,  
but the Lord rises upon you  
   and his glory appears over you.  
God decided to shine His glory over all His people so they can experience what we get to experience today.  The time His light comes upon you is when there is a type of darkness in your life. It could be an issue with health, a need, and also when you are facing a dilemma of choosing.  He will pick those problems up and lead you to the right path.  You may not always get the answer right away but they build up quickly over time if you will allow it.  

The light gets built up in you the minute He hands it over. You get to have that assuring sign that everything is going to be okay. Next time you have trouble trying to figure out the next move remember this. Your light has come to help you. Your light has come to guide you to distinguish between right and wrong. It's with you to help choose the correct path that needs to be chosen in your life. It's to help lift you up when you are down. It's there to constantly push you through the troubled times no matter what and help push you to the direction of success.  Jesus is your light! Will you allow Jesus to shine His light in your life and have success? Or will you follow the devil and fail?

Believe You Receive by G. Mosko

We all want things. We all need things. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try at getting those things, we simply don’t receive them. This is due to an important action everyone is guilty of failing to do in his or her spiritual life. That is believing. 

 [Mark 11:22]  Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. 

 As the verse says, when you ask for things in prayer you have to believe! Believe that you have it and you will get it! It’s something that takes time to do consistently but isn’t impossible to do. If you don’t go after what you want you’ll never have it. You are just being lazy and stubborn, not putting your belief to use.

.After all, Jesus did die on the cross so you don’t believe that you will receive what you want? Then it will never happen. It will never happen unless you believe it will. It can’t be your pastor believing it for you instead of yourself. 

It can’t be your family believing it for you. You must fully take your part in believing it in order to receive what you want or need. The best outcome of this will help you in teaching others about the same thing, can you believe that!? Will you take part in believing to receive what you want? Or will you back down and forget about it?